Method… People Against Dirty

Method Hand Wash in French LavenderAn inspiring company started in 2001 and currently ranked as the number 7 fasted growing company in the country by INC. magazine, Method is a revolutionary approach to cleaning products.

Method’s stylish product designs inspire curiosity in their soaps and cleaning supplies. But what really matters is their effort to provide the public a way to stop toxic waste, pollution of non-recyclable materials, and testing on innocent animals.

Method has broken through traditional barriers, reaching out to a broad consumer base, and provided a valuable product in our market today. With tasteful scents such as French Lavender, Pink Grapefruit, and Cucumber, Method offers a new approach to keep our world clean in more ways than one!

And now, you can find holiday scented products such as Peppermint Vanilla Air Enhancer, Frosted Cranberry Aroma Candle, and Spiced Pear Hand Wash. And they are all biodegradable and highly effective, packaged with respect to the environment.

Method is competitive in price with other major cleaning brands. You can find Method at major stores such as Target.

By • Dec 7th, 2007 • Category: Products & Consumer

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